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Of Storm and Sand and Chaos

Sutekh of Egypt

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Name:Sutekh : Set
Birthdate:Jan 1
sutekh : set
Long ago, in a land of sand and power, there was Set, lord of the desert, bringer of storms, god of necessary chaos, murderer of Osiris. He was first reviled by his family and then by his people as he warred with his nephew Horus, and in time, he abandoned the desert for the New World.

Now, in the urban chaos of New York, there is Set Bageb, a financier, an investment wunderkind with a preternatural ability to play the currency and stock markets like they are his own personal instruments. He runs Sutah Investments from his palatial apartment in Tribeca, and fills his spare hours with film festivals, his favorite Thai food, and a prodigious Project Runway obsession.

Set is played by Sendhil Ramamurthy. Both mun and muse are over eighteen.
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